Papal Rome Rules the World. Revelation 17 & 18

Why is it that so many today do not see the Vatican/Papal system for what it is? Two reasons:

1. God said people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea). Satan knows if people do not know or believe God’s word, they will be blind to this reality.

2. The prophesied man of sin does not coming looking outwardly EVIL. Many do not accept Papal Rome as Antichrist simply because it appears to have a form of Godliness externally.

Jesus Himself was overlooked and not accepted by the vast majority of those looking for the Messiah simply because He did not come looking as they expected!!

Likewise with the Antichrist. He will appear to be Godly, he will come in peace (Daniel, Revelation). The world is looking for an overtly evil looking Antichrist and totally missing who this ‘seat/position’ REALLY is.

Just as the TRUE Messiah was overlooked because He did not appear as people expected, so too the Antichrist will not be seen for who he really is because he does not appear as the world *or the Church) expects!

Lord willing, I’ll be doing a video on this very subject soon.


Freemasonry Infiltrating Churches, My Personal Testimony

Years ago, I had noticed men in our church family that wore Freemason lapel pins, had Mason symbols on their cars, they had Masonic rings on their fingers, etc.,

I began to feel the Lord urge me to look more deeply into these things. I had a couple friends in my church home that were deacons and felt I could confide to them my concerns about Freemasonry creeping into our church. One deacon I spoke to shared his heartbroken feelings with me personally at his knowing other leaders/deacons in our church that were Freemasons and that the only reason he stayed teaching in men’s classes was to be a light in a dark place. I discussed with this deacon friend of mine how deeply the Lord has taught me the Luceferian evil of Freemasonry and how I felt it was not confronted in the churches at all. My friend agreed.

It wasn’t long after that conversation I began to make YouTube videos exposing the evil of Freemasonry and it’s infiltration into the churches. During this time, a lady approached me who had a grandfather who was a high ranking Mason and she gave me two books from her grandfather’s Masonic lodge. She told me the books were never supposed to leave the lodge, but her grandfather had managed to get them out. I personally began to study these books and upon doing so, quickly confirmed the witchcraft practiced and the Luceferian nature of Freemasonry.

I felt the Lord lead me to write my pastor an email about Freemasonry and I named a few men in our church who were in places of leadership who were high ranking Freemasons. My pastor ignored my email. I confronted him one day about it and he quickly and uncomfortably dismissed me.

I then began to teach adult classes in my church, doing my best to alert others about Freemasonry and that we need to confront it. A few weeks went by and I began to notice that a known Freemason in our church began to walk by my classroom door each week, giving me a cold stare. I would make eye contact with him and continue on my way. Eventually, the wife of this Freemason began to sit in on the classes I taught, almost as if she were doing reconnaissance work for her Freemasonic husband. I spoke openly and boldly regardless, week after week.

Last fall, our church had a pot luck type gathering and one of the men showed up dressed all in black. It was clearly a Jesuit priest’s clothing. That was it for me.

I haven’t attended this church for a year now. I dearly miss some of the friends I had there, but I could no longer respect church aurhority there that refused to acknowledge the evils of Freemasonry and would not confront it. By the Lord’s grace and will, I will continue to try to expose Luciferian Freemasonry for what it is and encourage others in the body of Christ to keep their eyes open to what is creeping into their churches AND to confront their church leadership about it.

As leaders in a church body, you are to be a ‘watchman’ on the wall and confront the wolves! When a pastor or leader refuses to do that and I’ve done all I know to do, it’s time to shake the dust from my feet and move on.

I encourage you to confront Freemasons creeping into the churches, confront pastors that are in pulpits and are Masons, etc. Even if they do not listen to you, you are being faithful to the Lord by exposing it. Ephesians 5:11.

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Black Pope/White Pope Occult Symbology

In the occult, black and white, dark and light are used. In Freemasonic lodges, we see a black and white checkered floor representing dark and light/occult symbology. In Revelation 18:23, God Himself says the Vatican is deceiving the whole world by her sorceries. Helen Blavatsky, a known Luceferian, writes in her published works called ‘Theosophy or Jesuitism?’ that the Jesuits use black magic and the occult for thier power and influence.

The Black Pope, the Jesuit general, is truly the ruling authority above the ‘white pope’, or reigning pope. Black and White=occult symbology.

In a recent press conference, Arturo Sosa, the present Superior Jesuit General, was asked by the media if he liked the name, ‘black pope’. Sosa said he didn’t like using that name, but didn’t say the ‘black pope’ title/name was not used, but that he himself didn’t like it. The fact that the media asked a question about the title, ‘black pope’ coupled with Sosa’s not discounting the name, is evidence to me of the legitamacy of the title.

The father of the Illuminati,Waushept, was trained by the Jesuit order in the 1770’s. We have the witness of scripture in Revelation 17 & 18, Helen Blavatsky, a known satanist, and many other sources confirming the occult background of the Jesuit order.

The black pope and white pope, ruling together (dark and light) is symbolic of the occult. The black pope, or Jesuit General, pulls the strings of the white pope behind the scenes.

Necromancy: Upcoming Video

Necromancy: What is it and where are it’s origins from? In an upcoming video, I will be outlining in detail what necromancy is, where it started and how the Vatican/Roman Catholicism practices this.

Many churches in the middle east and asia have open displays of bones and relics from ‘saints’. The Vatican itself houses dead saints and body parts in glass cases and calls them ‘holy’ relics.

Another aspect of necromancy is the practice of praying to the dead. I plan on making a video this week explaining all of this and yet another reason, among many, why the Lord says to “Come out of her, My people”. Yeshua Said My Name

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