Papal Dynasty Claims Divinity Throughout the Centuries

In my opinion, if you talk to relatives, co workers, neighbors, etc., and mention to them that the Popes of Rome have, for centuries, claimed divinity, you may receive one of two replies:

1. No they haven’t, that’s conspiracy theory.


2. Show me the proof.

I have outlined some proof on my YouTube Channel, one of which is a recent video. If you research catechism quotes and Papal quotes alike, you will have proof.

In the book of Daniel the prophet, the Lord spoke of the Papacy exalting themselves above God and ruling on earth as if they were God. The Papal reign is Antichrist and utters blasphemies against God constantly.

Conspiracy theory? No. Fact? Yes!

3 thoughts on “Papal Dynasty Claims Divinity Throughout the Centuries

  1. I agree with you Angela, on what you just wrote above about the man of sin. Just like to clarify that! I was´t criticizing you! I´ve been silenced, and even preached against many times in a New Calvinist/TGC church I was member of before, and many times over mentioning the dangers of creeping RCC lead ecumenism, false translations of the Bible, eschatology et cetera. It kind of hurts your feelings when you speak freely about things you have seen in scripture and various brothers and sisters either laugh, silence you or don´t care about it. Ecumenism is creeping into most assemblies. Now I´ve joined a bible study group with people who left the previous church. The pastor there has started to correct the assembly (me) on the same things as before. I´m more Premillennial Independent/Fundamentalist oriented in my beliefs (not Amillennial and Cessationist as most Calvinists are). These things do matter much. And God is clear on what the man of sin, the false prophet and the AC are like and what their role is in the end times. God bless you, is there a way to in some way support you? Do you have a Patron account/page? 🙂

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    1. Hello! I totally agree. I didn’t see your post as criticism at all. I understand the misunderstanding of churches, family, etc. When the Lord taught me things, concerning THIS topic and others, I would go with excitement to share with others and I was considered a conspiracy theorist. People would dismiss me altogether or politely tolerate me. I didn’t let that stop me. I knew what the Lord had revealed to me and now my encouragement comes from knowing I serve Him ALONE.
      Thank you for offering to contribute! That is very kind. I am being led to get into radio and podcasting by the Lord. I do have a Patreon page.
      Go to and my name there is Yeshua Said My Name.

      Thank you. Lord bless and please keep sharing. There are others who feel alone too and need to read things like this.

      Lord bless!

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  2. 1 Show me the proof.
    2 You can´t handle the proof!
    🙂 🙂

    Most of today´s Protestants are in denial, not all. If you deny prophecy and a fulfillment of biblical prophecies today (as most Cessationists do) why all this talk about the Reformation and the Gospel, the Reformed this and the Reformed that, and the importance of the Reformation of 1517, if you can´t fathom that the Roman system is still doing pretty much the same things as then? Letting false doctrine permeate the dough won´t help anyone searching for real answers.

    When a believer dodges God´s truth in the book of Daniel/Revelation – and trades truth for emotional safety…Well, there is no safety OUTSIDE God´s truths! Acceptance of truths will be comforting. Negligence won´t be for long. As Luther said, if you fight where the battles is not raging, you´re not fighting at all! Haha!

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