Why Don’t Most Pastors Preach Prophecy?

In my own experience, most pastors will not preach prophecy due to their fear of people’s reactions. Many fear losing ‘man’s’ good opinion. Some fear losing members, which, in turn, means losing money $$$$.

If we let people’s opinion of us govern how we live for the Lord, we are giving them way too much power over us! I have been persecuted many times or called crazy for the subjects the Lord led me to speak about on my YouTube channel, however, if those people feel they have that much power over me to silence me, they give themselves too much credit! I serve Jesus and what He has taught me, not ‘man’.

Being bold for Jesus may leave you feeling alone at times or despised, but you are in good company! Jesus Himself was treated this way.

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Most Pastors Preach Prophecy?

  1. Very true. I’m also inclined to think part of the reason for many pastors avoiding prophecy talk is because of the extreme pre-trib rapture predictions in the 1970’s & 1980’s, which many of today’s pastors grew up negatively experiencing. I think the pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme to avoiding anything prophecy related. Maybe as more people discuss it again, they’ll realize the prophetic needs to be preached as well. Also, I’ve talked to more people in recent years who don’t subscribe to the pre-trib view, but now lean towards mid / post trib, which I see as more biblically taught as well. Stay with the Word!

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