The Hierarchy of the New World Order

The New World Order is a mystery to many. Who is truly ruling? Who is responsible?

Let’s start with Lucifer. In the book of Isaiah, Lucifer (Satan) is quoted as saying he would ascend above God’s throne and be as the Most High. Lucifer desired to govern and be worshipped.

Lets come to the present-day scenario. In Revelation 17, God tells us that Mystery Babylon, the Vatican, dressed in purple and scarlet, sitting on a city of seven hills and holding a golden cup, is ruling over the kings of the earth. She, the false church, is at the top of the New World Order hierarchy, under the guise of a religious or godly exterior. Scripture tells us this, it is not mere conjecture.

The Vatican/Papal dynasty has been given it’s great seat of authority by the ‘dragon’, Satan (Revelation 17).

The Jesuits are the military arm of the Vatican. Jesuits have infiltrated into society in every facet (education, medical industry, seminaries, etc).

Freemasonry works hand-in-hand with the Vatican/Jesuit system as well to bring about a global governmental system. Why?

Satan’s desire is to rule like Christ and bring peace and unity WITHOUT Christ. Satan wants to usurp the rightful place of Christ in this endeavor. Scripture tells us that Jesus will return and govern the whole world from Jerusalem. Satan wants to deceive the world into believing he is achieving this through his false religious system: Papal Rome!

Jesus will soon return, however, and crush this satanic system and take His rightful throne on earth as King of Kings.

Revelation 18 prophesies the Judgement of the Vatican. She, the false church, Mystery Babylon, will be burned with fire and in one day, she is no more. This Vatican system, the habitation of devils, will one day soon be a forgotten entity and her evil, vile abominations will be finished.

Satan is the author of the New World Order and the Papal/Vatican system, along with Jesuits and Freemasons are merely puppets and satan pulls the strings. Some high-ranking people, such as the Pope, the black pope, 33rd degree masons and above know exactly who they serve and who they call ‘god’.

Next blog entry will attempt to deal with the UFO/Alien agenda and Satan’s plan with that.

What Satan means for harm is actually falling exactly in place with God’s sovereign plan. Exposing all of this is not going to stop it, but hopefully by exposing it, we might, by God’s grace, help others who are blinded by these organizations and systems get out and be set free.

Revelation 17 openly tells us who truly rules the world and that Satan gives the authority for this temporary situation.

Revelation 18 shows us, in detail, the Judgement and destruction of the Vatican. Satan may appear to be successful for a season, but he knows his time is short. His days and those of the Vatican are numbered. Jesus told us that when we see these things taking place, look up, our Redemption draws near.

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