Why Did I Name My Youtube Channel Yeshua Said My Name?

Yesterday, the Lord led me to make a video testimony of why I named my channel ‘Yeshua Said My Name’.

At one of the darkest and loneliest moments of my life, the Lord spoke my name out loud in response to my pouring my heart out to Him. I did NOT seek this, nor has it happened since.

I heard Him say my name over 25 years ago now in a longing sigh….. He spoke the ‘familiar ‘ form of my name, not the ‘proper’, showing me just how intimately personal He is.

When the Lord drew me to start a YouTube channel a couple of years ago, I wondered what to call the channel. I decided to make the channel name itself a personal testimony.

He rescued me, not only in spirit and soul, but physically. I do not know if I would be here if He hadn’t let me hear His voice.

Jesus hears you when you “pour your heart out like water” to Him!



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