Insecurities Doing What Jesus Asks Of You

When Moses was in the wilderness and the Lord appeared to Him and ordained him to speak to Pharaoh, Moses felt insecure and inadequate.

I want to tell you why I feel that is a good thing! If we are able, in our own strength, to carry out what God has directed us to do, then we would get the credit and not the Lord. Also, we can do nothing apart from Christ.

If you feel insecure, inadequate or nervous to do what God is leading you to do, then I feel you’re exactly where He wants you so that it is HIS power and ability showing through you and not your own.

The Lord will often call you to do something that is out of your comfort zone or ability so He gets the credit. People will know it’s not you doing the work!

So, if you feel you can’t make a difference or are insecure to do the Lord’s work, I say rejoice in that! Jesus will get the credit. We are simply ‘lumps of clay in the Potter’s Hand’ and last time I checked, a lump of clay can do nothing!

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