Exposing the Worship of Mary

Upon typing in “Mary Worship” or “Prayers to Mary” into a search engine, you will find no shortage of information in regards to the topic.

Catholicism teaches that ‘Veneration’ is not ‘Worship’, however, the word veneration is synonymous with worship. If you look up ‘Veneration’ in an online dictionary, you will find that ‘Veneration’ and ‘Worship’ are indeed the same thing.

Jesuit.org has a list of available prayers to Mary, along with other Catholic sources, including the Catechism, that are full of prayers to Jesus’ mother. All of these prayers are idolatrous, calling Mary a ‘Co-redemptrix’, ‘mediator’, ‘our hope and life’. Scripture nor Jesus Himself ever teaches this. The Papal dynasty has long taught that Mary is sinless and was assumed into heaven without seeing death. Scriprure teaches that we have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If Mary was sinless, as Catholicism teaches, then Mary’s parents had to be sinless, and thier parents before them! Jesus alone bypassed the sin nature ny being conceived by the Holy Spirit. All of these teachings of the Vatican/Papacy will be received by many because they do not know the scriptures.

God alone is worthy of worship and prayer is worship!


1.Yeshua Said My Name YouTube channel

2. Angela’s Fudge and More, LLC


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