Babylon: Gate of God & Confusion

Years ago, Christian scholars agreed that the definition of the word ‘Babylon’ stemmed from a Sumerian translation meaning ‘Gate of God’, (Bab= God & IL=Gate).

Today the meaning of Babylon, to most biblical scholars, means “Confusion”.

Both terms, in my opinion, have significance in regards to modern day Mystery Babylon, who is none other than present-day Vatican City State.

The Vatican/Papacy has long preached that apart from her, the Church, there is no salvation (cited in the Catechism as well as Vatican II). In this instance, Bab & IL applied to modern day Rome/Vatican easily fits the ancient definition of “Gate of God”, as she declares herself to be!

Modern day biblical scholars regard the definition of Babylon as meaning “Confusion”, which is also meaningful to present-day Vatican, as she embraces every pagan religion on the face of the earth (Revelation 17), thereby confusing the true Gospel of Jesus.

Babylon: Gate of God and author of “Confusion”!

Modern day Vatican City State, both definitions seem to apply!

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One thought on “Babylon: Gate of God & Confusion

  1. Interesting… I just looked up the words “Babel” and “Babylon” in the dictionary, and it also shows the word “Babylon” as “a city devoted to materialism and sensual pleasure”.
    How telling is that about much of our society today, which is seeking nothing but instant pleasure, response, and control. How do we “Come out of her, My people”, when we are completely inundated with it? For believers, we have to be intentional to seek the Lord in His Word above all else. When we sense something is conflicting with His heart and His ways, it probably is, but we need to be in-tune with His heart.

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