Necromancy: Upcoming Video

Necromancy: What is it and where are it’s origins from? In an upcoming video, I will be outlining in detail what necromancy is, where it started and how the Vatican/Roman Catholicism practices this.

Many churches in the middle east and asia have open displays of bones and relics from ‘saints’. The Vatican itself houses dead saints and body parts in glass cases and calls them ‘holy’ relics.

Another aspect of necromancy is the practice of praying to the dead. I plan on making a video this week explaining all of this and yet another reason, among many, why the Lord says to “Come out of her, My people”. Yeshua Said My Name

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2 thoughts on “Necromancy: Upcoming Video

  1. Wow, I just watched your video on Halloween, and you commented on the praying to the dead concept as being forbidden in Scripture. How true, and how obvious, yet most people are oblivious to its continued practice. Keep preachin’ it as it is!


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