Black Pope/White Pope Occult Symbology

In the occult, black and white, dark and light are used. In Freemasonic lodges, we see a black and white checkered floor representing dark and light/occult symbology. In Revelation 18:23, God Himself says the Vatican is deceiving the whole world by her sorceries. Helen Blavatsky, a known Luceferian, writes in her published works called ‘Theosophy or Jesuitism?’ that the Jesuits use black magic and the occult for thier power and influence.

The Black Pope, the Jesuit general, is truly the ruling authority above the ‘white pope’, or reigning pope. Black and White=occult symbology.

In a recent press conference, Arturo Sosa, the present Superior Jesuit General, was asked by the media if he liked the name, ‘black pope’. Sosa said he didn’t like using that name, but didn’t say the ‘black pope’ title/name was not used, but that he himself didn’t like it. The fact that the media asked a question about the title, ‘black pope’ coupled with Sosa’s not discounting the name, is evidence to me of the legitamacy of the title.

The father of the Illuminati,Waushept, was trained by the Jesuit order in the 1770’s. We have the witness of scripture in Revelation 17 & 18, Helen Blavatsky, a known satanist, and many other sources confirming the occult background of the Jesuit order.

The black pope and white pope, ruling together (dark and light) is symbolic of the occult. The black pope, or Jesuit General, pulls the strings of the white pope behind the scenes.

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