Freemasonry Infiltrating Churches, My Personal Testimony

Years ago, I had noticed men in our church family that wore Freemason lapel pins, had Mason symbols on their cars, they had Masonic rings on their fingers, etc.,

I began to feel the Lord urge me to look more deeply into these things. I had a couple friends in my church home that were deacons and felt I could confide to them my concerns about Freemasonry creeping into our church. One deacon I spoke to shared his heartbroken feelings with me personally at his knowing other leaders/deacons in our church that were Freemasons and that the only reason he stayed teaching in men’s classes was to be a light in a dark place. I discussed with this deacon friend of mine how deeply the Lord has taught me the Luceferian evil of Freemasonry and how I felt it was not confronted in the churches at all. My friend agreed.

It wasn’t long after that conversation I began to make YouTube videos exposing the evil of Freemasonry and it’s infiltration into the churches. During this time, a lady approached me who had a grandfather who was a high ranking Mason and she gave me two books from her grandfather’s Masonic lodge. She told me the books were never supposed to leave the lodge, but her grandfather had managed to get them out. I personally began to study these books and upon doing so, quickly confirmed the witchcraft practiced and the Luceferian nature of Freemasonry.

I felt the Lord lead me to write my pastor an email about Freemasonry and I named a few men in our church who were in places of leadership who were high ranking Freemasons. My pastor ignored my email. I confronted him one day about it and he quickly and uncomfortably dismissed me.

I then began to teach adult classes in my church, doing my best to alert others about Freemasonry and that we need to confront it. A few weeks went by and I began to notice that a known Freemason in our church began to walk by my classroom door each week, giving me a cold stare. I would make eye contact with him and continue on my way. Eventually, the wife of this Freemason began to sit in on the classes I taught, almost as if she were doing reconnaissance work for her Freemasonic husband. I spoke openly and boldly regardless, week after week.

Last fall, our church had a pot luck type gathering and one of the men showed up dressed all in black. It was clearly a Jesuit priest’s clothing. That was it for me.

I haven’t attended this church for a year now. I dearly miss some of the friends I had there, but I could no longer respect church aurhority there that refused to acknowledge the evils of Freemasonry and would not confront it. By the Lord’s grace and will, I will continue to try to expose Luciferian Freemasonry for what it is and encourage others in the body of Christ to keep their eyes open to what is creeping into their churches AND to confront their church leadership about it.

As leaders in a church body, you are to be a ‘watchman’ on the wall and confront the wolves! When a pastor or leader refuses to do that and I’ve done all I know to do, it’s time to shake the dust from my feet and move on.

I encourage you to confront Freemasons creeping into the churches, confront pastors that are in pulpits and are Masons, etc. Even if they do not listen to you, you are being faithful to the Lord by exposing it. Ephesians 5:11.

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2 thoughts on “Freemasonry Infiltrating Churches, My Personal Testimony

  1. idk too much about freemasonry, i know there are some suspicious things and evil they have done. But, I what if, I’m wondering, God has allowed Christians to become high up there so he can influence them from the inside? God is telling me just to pray for their hearts, to recieve the Holy Spirit, and He will do miraculous things. even transform them, make then transparant and accountable. Peace and blessings with you

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