Papal Rome Rules the World. Revelation 17 & 18

Why is it that so many today do not see the Vatican/Papal system for what it is? Two reasons:

1. God said people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea). Satan knows if people do not know or believe God’s word, they will be blind to this reality.

2. The prophesied man of sin does not coming looking outwardly EVIL. Many do not accept Papal Rome as Antichrist simply because it appears to have a form of Godliness externally.

Jesus Himself was overlooked and not accepted by the vast majority of those looking for the Messiah simply because He did not come looking as they expected!!

Likewise with the Antichrist. He will appear to be Godly, he will come in peace (Daniel, Revelation). The world is looking for an overtly evil looking Antichrist and totally missing who this ‘seat/position’ REALLY is.

Just as the TRUE Messiah was overlooked because He did not appear as people expected, so too the Antichrist will not be seen for who he really is because he does not appear as the world *or the Church) expects!

Lord willing, I’ll be doing a video on this very subject soon.


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