Papal Rome’s Doctrines Refuted by Scripture!

I’m working on an upcoming series of videos exposing Papal/Vatican Rome’s false doctrines and refuting them with God’s Word, the scriptures.

In these videos, I will attempt to explain each doctrine for what it is and what God’s word says about them.

Some video topics will be:

1.Pope/Vatican removes one of the 10 Commandments to allow for graven images (statues)

2. Transubstantiation

3. Purgatory

4. Worship of Mary and Dead Saints (necromancy)

5. Assumption of Mary & Sinlessness of Mary

6. Papal claims to divinity

7. Washing away of original sin by baptism

8. The Mass justifies a person from sin before God

MANY MORE TOPICS WILL BE COVERED, one video/topic at a time.


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