Witnessing to Cults When They Ring Your Doorbell

When a Jehovah’s witness or a Mormon comes to my door, I don’t ignore it. The Spirit led me to see this as a witnessing opportunity that He literally dropped in my lap.

In order to adequately bear witness to them of the Gospel, it is a good idea to know what their beliefs are. If you have an idea of what they adhere to, you will be better equipped to engage them.

In an upcoming video, I plan to show what Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons believe and how we may reach them. It is important that we open the door when they come!

The Lord has primarily called me to expose the Vatican and Papacy, Jesuits and Freemasonry according to the prophetic scriptures, however, He did lay on my heart that these two groups of cults that visit our doors need to be addressed.

It’s very easy to feel “uneasy” when they ring our door bell, however could Jesus be bringing them YOUR way purposely so they might hear the Truth? It’s a sovereign opportunity planned by the Lord. Let’s open that door and speak to them. If they do not receive what you speak, don’t lose heart. You are successful simply by obeying Christ by planting seeds!



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