Eastern Star: Female Freemasonry

Very few understand the nature of Freemasonry, muchless what the ‘female version’ of Freemasonry is.

By the Lord’s grace, I made a video a couple days ago exposing Freemasonry using actual literature from a Lodge. This literature was not supposed to leave the Lodge, but the Lord saw to it that I had these sources come across my path. In an upcoming video today, (part 2), I endeavor to expose more of the evidence of the Luciferian nature of Freemasonry as well as expose the Eastern Star as the female version of Freemasonry.

If the Lord leads you, please pass these videos to any men or women you know who may be involved with the Eastern Star or Freemasonry.

Love in Christ,

(Yeshua Said My Name YouTube Channel )


Patreon.com: Yeshua Said My Name

http://www.angelasfudgeandmore.com LLC

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