501c3 Churches and What It Means.

Perhaps there are many out there that do not know exactly what a 501c3 church is and the implications that status has in regards to freedoms in the pulpit.

In an upcoming video, I plan to discuss what a 501c3 church is and explain WHY churches aligned with that status do not have freedom to expose the NWO, Freemasonry, corruption, etc.

It is not even required by law that a church be a 501c3 and I have political quotes proving this fact.

So, what is required of a 501c3 pastor/church? Does the pastor/church have the freedom a non 501c3 church has to speak openly?

Lord willing, we will find out soon in an upcoming video. A church belonging to a 501c3 may be the reason WHY your attempts to expose Freemasonry in your church or other corruption is disregarded or ignored by a pastor or other church leader when you ask them to speak against those things or expose them.

501c3 == “You may speak what the government allows you to speak, no more.”


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