New World Order: A Sinking Ship.

Pondering the death of George Bush, Sr., and his statements in the past regarding the New World Order these past few days. My first thought was Jesus’ admonition to us: “you may gain the whole world, but lose your soul. What do you profit?”

This NWO system is none other than the ‘Beast Government ‘ spoken of in the books of Daniel and Revelation. World leaders that rally around the New World Order are aligning themselves with the prince of this dark world system, satan. To be a friend of the world is to be God’s enemy! (James 4:4).

All of man’s glory days fade like grass in a field and wither away quickly, like a vapor (Proverbs 103:15). We are fast approaching the very end of the age and most, even in the body of Christ, are asleep to this.

Each world ruler is appointed by God to play a role in His sovereign plan, whether they realize it or not. However, my heart sank when thinking of this past President, like so many others, that work so hard for a NWO that is literally a sinking ship! A system Jesus will crush.

Look up! Our Redemption draws near. (LLC) ANGELA’S FUDGE AND MORE





One thought on “New World Order: A Sinking Ship.

  1. True and challenging perspectives to consider. Very true that each world leader has a role to play in God’s overall plan. As a Canadian, I remember that Bush senior, along with Reagan,was instrumental in helping to bring about the end of the Cold War, and I’m glad for that. I remember as a teenager seeing the F-18 fighters and B-52’s occasionally flying low over our part of rural western Canada flying from airbase to air base… both reassuring to know there was competent defenses against Soviet threats, but also a reminder that there was a real Soviet nuclear threat.

    The end of the Cold War brought about more peace to much of the world, temporarily. The job of a nation’s leader is to keep his/ her country safe and give it wise direction. I believe Bush Sr. attempted to do this, but like all world leaders, what ever they do, whether on the political left or right, they’re still inadvertently moving the world towards the end game in the Bible. It’s a sad realization.
    Seeking world peace and unity are admirable goals, but if it’s based on doing the best that humanity can do instead of what Jesus, the true Prince of Peace has already done, then it will be the short-lived false peace which prophetically occurs just before the return of Jesus.

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