Flat Earth, Globe Earth?

It wasn’t until six months ago that I discovered that there is a fast-growing movement of ‘Flat Earthers’. There is a another view that says the earth is ‘concave’! So, we now have the body of Christ arguing over flat earth, globe earth and concave earth?

My ‘take’ on it? Personally, I feel the earth is a sphere. As I’ve looked through my own telescope in years past or used a Nikon 900, I’ve observed that every other celestial body in our solar system is spherical, but people believe the earth is flat? But in the eternal scheme of things, does it matter?

One thing I felt the Lord urging me to bring up in this whole debate amongst born again believers is this: The secular world watches as the body of Christ devours one another with angry insults over this. The shape of the earth has absolutely NO bearing on the gospel. Jesus sent us forth to expose the deeds of darkness and spread the Gospel, Ephesians 5:11.

Paul spoke to the church about devouring one another up over debatable issues, such as eating meat or vegetables, worshipping on one day versus another and so on. The unbelieving world views this and does not see Christ in the church body!

I’ve even seen some Christians accuse other brothers and sisters of not being saved if they are ‘globe earthers’ or ‘flat earthers’. Since when did the shape of the earth have anything to do with Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins?

What is the world witnessing in us? Arguments over the shape of the earth or us joining together to expose evil (Ephesians 5:11) and share the Gospel?

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