Revelation 18:24 Mystery Babylon Responsible For The Slain of the Earth?

According to God’s Word, Mystery Babylon, the Harlot of Revelation 17, is responsible for ALL that were slain on the earth. Who is this Mystery Babylon? Revelation 17 clearly depicts the Vatican/Papal system as this Mystery Babylon, the Harlot.

Revelation 18:24 is a very serious accusation by God toward this religious system. The Jesuit order is the military arm of the Vatican since 1540 and has committed heinous atrocities against God’s elect, as was prophesied in Daniel and Revelation. Before 1540, the same antichrist spirit of iniquity was at work against the Lord’s people, even as far back as Genesis. This ‘Mystery Babylon spirit’ against the Lord’s people is ancient. It is proved by Revelation 18:24 stating ‘she’ is responsible for all that have been slain on the earth. This Babylonian/Jesuit influence is nothing new, but combats God’s people either overtly through ancient Rome, the Templars, pagan religions, etc., and covertly through Freemasonry and other secret Societies working hand-in-hand with modern Vatican city state.

Once the Lord opens our eyes and ‘disconnects’ us from the matrix, the evidence of Mystery Babylon can be clearly seen and suddenly Revelation 18:24 becomes noticeably real.

What a heavy, somber thing to be said of a ‘religious system’. She appears to have a form of Godliness, but has denied the power thereof since the beginning of time and if we doubt it, read Revelation 18:24 once more:

“And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of ALL that were slain upon the earth.”

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