I Love God Only When Life Is Easy?

Job 2:10 Is a profound statement. Job suffered so greatly. He lost his children, his livestock, his livelihood and his very health. His own wife was no encouragement. He was isolated and alone in his suffering. Proverbs tells us that each heart knows it’s own sorrow and no one can share in it’s joy. The Lord allows us to experience loneliness in our sufferings at times so we learn that He alone is our Source of strength.

In Job 2:10, Job rebukes his wife, saying, “Shall we only accept good from God and not bad?”

Many today feel God does not care about them when they suffer. Even family and Godly friends can, at times, leave us feeling in want of understanding. Sometimes, in my own life, I have found that it is at these times the Lord and I have been the most intimate with one another. Deep calls to deep!

Our love and closeness with the Lord can sustain us through dark and trying times. There will be those individuals who tempt us to ‘curse God and die’ in our misery and even question if He cares.

Satan often takes advantage of times like these to tempt us to give up. Job also did not know that satan had asked to sift and test him. The Lord granted satan his request, but said My servant Job will hold his integrity. Satan, speaking in a rage, says to God, “Remove Your hand of protection from him and he will curse You to Your face.”

When things go wrong in our lives, when hopes are dashed, when sickness comes, when others persecute or disown us, when depression sets in or any other calamity happens, could it be that satan has asked to sift YOU like wheat?

Ask the Lord to use those times to draw you closer in your relationship with Him. Keep your integrity and say, “Shall I accept only good from God and not bad?”

Stay the course, run the race!!!





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