Ecumenical Deception From Rome & Protestants

It all sounds so great doesn’t it? A spoonful of honey makes heresy easy to swallow! Cover heresy with sugar and spice and everything nice and it makes lies seem palatable.

The ecumenical movement of the ‘world system’ says ALL will be saved and that as long as you are sincere, whatever you call on as ‘god’, you’re good to go!

This is NOT the gospel and those preaching an ecumenical message are false prophets. Who are these false prophets? Anyone who preaches another gospel! Jesus said He alone is the Way and THE Truth. No other name is given us for salvation.

People swallow this deceptive honey of ecumenism from the Papal dynasty, priests, pastors and teachers because these people have an outward appearance of Godliness. To the world they appear authoritative due to thier degrees, robes/vestments and pulpits! Protestant churches are no better. Pastors today comprise with Rome and embrace her doctrines all for the sake of ‘peace’ and world unity!

Jesus said He came to bring a sword of division, not unity with the world! Beware of any person bringing any other gospel than what Jesus taught! Test everything by the scriptures!

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