Yesterday’s ‘gods’ are Today’s ‘aliens’

One of the greatest deceptions, thousands of years ago, were interdimensional beings coming from the skies and presenting themselves as ‘gods’. Could it be that these same interdimensional beings are today’s ‘aliens’?

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, had an interview not long ago with a military pilot admitting that a craft, he and a fellow pilot were tracking was, ‘not of this world’. These craft have been reported by credible sources as performing highly advanced maneuvers that are physically impossible for humans to perform. Our bodies would not stand up under the strain!

In scripture, there are countless people who give testimony of seeing “chariots of Fire” or craft coming from the heavens. In Jeremiah, the Lord calls these things,’signs in the heavens’. The secular media tells the world that these craft/beings are visitors from other worlds. Hollywood has conditioned people with movies for years to accept this so they might eventually make disclosure.

What were the men of old witnessing? What are we witnessing today? It is my opinion that these beings and craft are what scripture calls, “powers, authorities and powers of wickedness in heavenly realms.”

There are accounts of people experiencing abductions or attempted abductions where they speak the name of Jesus and the abductions stop! If these were true visitors from another star system, why would they flee at the mention of Jesus’ name or come thousands of light years to deny Christ and the gospel?

It is my opinion through study of the modern UFO/alien phenomena and the scriptures, that these beings are a fallen angelic host that answer to the ‘prince of the power of the air’, who is Lucifer. The enemy’s agenda is to lure people into believing that he, along with his angelic followers, created mankind and are from other star systems. These beings preach a New Age gospel, higher consciousness, soul travel, ascension, the divinity of man, etc., and deny Christ’s supremacy as Lord God and Creator.

Are yesterday’s ‘gods’ today’s ‘aliens’? I believe so! Same beings, different agenda.

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