Destruction of the Vatican ?

When I mention the destruction of the Vatican in church circles or in conversation with friends, some respond with shock. I must admit, a few years ago I had no idea that God’s word prophesied such a thing. About six years ago, the Holy Spirit began to teach me who Mystery Babylon is in Revelation 17. After years of prayerful study, the Lord’s Spirit began to show me in the following chapter, Revelation 18, the judgement of Mystery Babylon.

According to scripture, Mystery Babylon, the Great Harlot, is the Vatican in Rome. She will be judged by fire and destruction for her many blasphemies and heresies against Him. If you are unfamiliar with Revelation 18 and the Vatican’s impending judgement, please take a look.

When will the Lord judge this false antichrist system, full of blasphemies and abominations? We don’t know dates, times or specifics of ‘when’. We are only told how it will happen and WHY.

We need to pray more and more people have their eyes opened by God and come OUT of this system.

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