The Longings and Emotions Of God

When most think of God having emotions or longings, they are caught off-guard. I myself was caught off-guard years ago when my life first began with the Lord in a personal relationship regarding the Lord having and expressing deep emotions. I thought the Lord was aloof at times or not overly expressive with emotions. Once He drew me into an intimate relationship with Him, that completely changed me and my perspective was forever changed.

All through the old and new testament, God expresses His emotions. He feels very deeply. I don’t expect the secular world to grasp this about God, but many in the body of Christ do not seem to grasp this either.

In the very first book of the Bible, God looks on the earth and His heart was filled with grief and pain at the corruption (Genesis 6:6). Think about that! His heart filled with pain.

From Genesis to Revelation God’s longing love can be seen. He is, at times, the jilted spiritual Lover of souls (song of songs, Psalm 45, Hosea, Jeremiah). At other times He expresses jelousy over Israel’s love of foreign ‘gods’. He expresses exasperation and irritation when He meets with Moses at the burning bush and the tent of meeting (Numbers 14:11). Jesus Himself expresses irritation and annoyance (Mark 9:19 & Matthew 17:17).

Jesus wept (John 11:35). He expressed loneliness and sadness in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:34).

He is seen as the Longing Husband/Bridegroom of the church in the Song of Solomon, Psalm 45, Hosea & Revelation (the Wedding of the Lamb).

We are made in His image and if we feel and express deep emotions, so does He! Many forget about this or never think to consider God’s feelings in their day-to-day relationship with Him. I know I did not in my early life with Him.

The next time you spend time alone with Jesus, remember He is the same yesterday, today and forever and what He felt when He walked the earth years ago is how He feels living with you from day-to-day as you relate to Him on a private and personal level.

Our God has a deeply feeling soul!

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