Just how intimately close can you be with Jesus?

Many people live their lives, in my opinion, in a casual and friendly relationship with Jesus, but how many know they can ask Jesus to draw them into something so special, so personal, so intimate that it goes deeper than anyone could expect?

I’m writing this out of experience as someone who knew the Lord for years as a casual Friend, but then He began drawing me a few years ago into a more intimate relationship that defied my deepest dreams and desires.

Jesus has indeed called me to teach and expose the deeds if darkness on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Etc., (Ephesians 5:11)..but He opened His heart to me and revealed to me that His deepest desire, hunger and thirst was for our love for eachother to grow to that of knowing Him as a bride knows her groom *as in the Song of Solomon*, Psalm 45 and Hosea!

Once He drew me to know Him this way, I was not ever the same. I know Him intimately and the joy He and I share is uniquely ours and YOU can have intimacy with Him that goes beyond mere casual friendship! Just ask Him to draw you!

Lord bless!


2 thoughts on “Just how intimately close can you be with Jesus?

  1. I believe what we learn that is so important with the life we have been given is to be true to thine own self, with faith know we can overcome anything because it is known, biblically, our Lord Jesus Christ will not put us believers through anything he had not been through him, and knows what we cannot handle. He gave us this blessing and strength, himself. So get prepared because HE is worth so much more than we are. Still he went through an agony, by choice, for us. He did not have to. Still he stayed true. So we must stay true, through all our mistakes, stay true to HIM. If we were perfect, we would not crave HIM, WOULD WE. After all he died the most terrible death recorded for us. Everyone. If only unbeliever knew? If only forgiveness was free. The seed of Abraham which I belong to are the ones who are Gods, Jesus. We belong to HIM. I am of the seed of Abraham. I am not a Muslim but a Baptist. I believe in all 66 books of Gods word. I give myself, Lord Jesus, to except my soul and I totally believe he has forgiven all my wrong doings. I have learnt that after praying for forgiveness the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. Remember your worth it. All goodness will come of this.

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