Watchman On The Wall: Worth the Cost?

In the scriptures, the Lord speaks of ‘watchmen’ He places within the body of Christ. What exactly is a ‘watchman’ and does it come with a cost/price?

According to the Lord’s word, a watchman is someone who “exposes the deeds of darkness”

(Ephesians 5:11)

A watchman in ancient times was a soldier who stood post on the walls of the city and alerted it’s inhabitants of impending danger. I myself worked for the Department of Defense in physical security and it was my job to make sure no one passed my post with weapons, classified materials, etc. My eyes were keenly observing each individual as they approached my post(s). After a year, I was placed in a supervisory position. I trained others in security procedures and how to handle security breaches, etc. As I held this position, I thought often about ‘watchmen’ on the wall for Jesus! A ‘watchman’ is someone who will passionately watch for wolves with false doctrines trying to creep into the church, they ‘test’ all things, standing in the first line of defense. A watchman is not often in a leadership position or role, rather it is an often lonely position. In ancient times, standing watch on a city wall meant open exposure to danger, as an easy target. If the enemy could kill or take out the watchmen on the city walls, those within the city would be more vulnerable.

If you are called by God to be a watchman, you may notice a Spirit-inspired passion to test every pastor or doctrine with the scriptures alone, you will have a fire to expose false teachers and evil works, you will have a desire to confront wolves in sheep’s clothing, whether openly and personally or indirectly through other means.

The costs:

Some may accuse you of being judgemental.

Sometimes you will stand alone in your convictions.

Sometimes you may be putting yourself at risk for persecution or harm.

Jesus tells you and I to count the cost. As in ancient times, God has those He has placed in His body who function as ‘watchmen’. Most watchman have ONE function: to alert others of impending or confirmed danger. Watchman are not silent or quiet, but vocal. Watchman are rarely the kings, queens, rulers or anyone in power (although some were!) Their function is to keep their eyes on the enemy and warn others. Is this your calling? You’ll know it because Jesus’ Spirit will cause you to have a passion to live out Ephesians 5:11 “exposing the deeds of darkness.” What Jesus whispers in your ear, you will desire to proclaim from the rooftops. Will it come with a cost? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes…, it is the Lord Jesus you are serving!

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