Standing Firm When You Feel Alone!

Do you ever feel that standing firm in Jesus and what He has revealed to you seems lonely? Have you ever run to share what God has shown you or what you have experienced with Him only to receive ‘confused’ looks from others? Even in the body of Christ, you may feel you’re misunderstood or feel isolated. One thing to remember: a person can only receive what is given him from heaven (John 3:27). Whatever you understand or perceive was given to you by God’s choosing. However, never stop sharing what He has given you, even in the face of criticism or misundersting. Do so with boldness, but with discernment as well. Always plant seeds and leave the rest to the Lord, even if it seems you stand alone or are misunderstood.

We each are matured by Christ at different paces and it takes discernment from the Lord to know HOW to share what He has given. As Paul said, “solid food is for the mature, while some are on milk and elementary things of Christ.”

I went through years of lonely frustration feeling if another member of the body of Christ did not share in the enthusiasm I felt at what Jesus was showing me and the Lord disciplined me to see that not everyone will and that He is the One who opens people’s understanding to receive something. My (our) job is to plant seeds, bear witness anyway in love, and leave the rest to Him. If you or I can open the eyes of understanding in another person’s heart, then WE would receive the glory and not Jesus!

So, next time you feel alone or misunderstood in what Jesus has revealed to you and taught you, don’t argue or pursue quarrels over it, simply plant seeds, keep exposing (Ephesians 5:11) and pray that the Lord would open the eyes of their understanding. That way, He gets all the glory. As you grow in intimacy with Jesus and He takes you deeper and deeper, you will go through times of feeling isolated in it. But that’s ok! Gently plant seeds and enjoy the fellowship of what you’ve been given privately with the Lord. Ponder those things in your own heart with Him and eventually He will bring others of like mind across your path that you can fellowship with in those revelations.

The servant of the Lord must not quarrel to “get” someone to understand something. Patiently plant seeds, wait on the Lord, and keep being a witness anyway!

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