The Opinions of Man

Sometimes you will encounter those who do not stand with you in what God has called you to do.

You must not let that stop you. Keep your eyes, heart and mind focused on the gift/calling He has given you.

Always give God the credit and glory for whatever is accomplished because everything we see and understand was given to us by Him. (John 3:27)

The enemy of our souls can sometimes discourage you by using the persecution or misunderstanding of others and tempt you to shrink back.

Ask the Lord to give you a BOLD witness for Him that does not care for the good opinion of ‘man’. It only before the judgement seat of Christ that we will give account, not people!

As the scripture states, “We must obey God rather than ‘man'” (Acts 5:29)

Be encouraged! Keep planting seeds where God has put you in the Body and do not live for the praise of people. Live for the praise only Jesus gives!

A testimony to God’s goodness.

I had to share. All my money to pay bills was stolen off of my debit card after using it at a gas pump, but the Lord knows my needs. He used customers’ tips (above and beyond) to help me breathe a little toll my stolen money is returned by my bank. Had to share this testimony of God’s goodness!

Ecumenism and Amazon Synod

This Amazon Synod is yet another attempt at trying to unite all faiths of the secular global system and betraying the gospel of Jesus. Jesus is the only Way!

Even Catholics are recognizing it and fulfilling the prophecy in Revelation where God says, “Come out of her My people”.The harlot daughters of Rome (the protestant denominations in Revelation) are also called to recognize mystery Babylon for what she is and come out.

The book of Daniel prophesied that the man of sin would not honor the God of his fathers. Every pope in the papal dynasty has claimed to be God on earth and ever since the 1929 Lateran treaty, has worked OVERTIME to advance the ecumenical compromise. The mother earth statues and pagan ceremonies are just another step toward global religion without Christ being the only way!

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