Loneliness for Jesus

Simply put, as we grow closer to Jesus in our daily lives, we will feel, at times, an ache in our hearts that seems to pull at us deeply and at times it is confusing. There may seem to be no external cause for this ache! I myself have gone through periods in my life where a deep longing and almost spiritual depression will come over me. When I sought the Lord about it, He revealed to me that He was causing me to have a longing need for Him. This need felt like a literal loneliness for Him. If you ever feel an unknown ache or spiritual depression, ask Jesus if it is Him creating a literal loneliness in your heart for Him!

He longs for you and a relationship with YOU that only YOU can give Him because we are each unique, no two alike. You are not just a face in the ‘sheep-fold’ to Him, but a unique individual who contributes to His heart!

Could that deep ache or spiritual depression simply be Jesus creating a longing in your heart for more intimate time with Him? I have found that is the case for me!

Yeshua Said My Name



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