Excerpt document Freemasonic Book

Yo undermine the kingdom of Christ and lift up the kingdom of satan.

Ephesians 5:11 Expose.

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The Lord is There Even If You Don’t Sense Him

I want this blog entry to be an encouragement. There are seasons of trials, heartache, stress, loneliness, grief ,etc., when we simply wonder if the Lord is aware. We go through seasons of not seeming to sense His presence.

However, He is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever’.

Psalm139 gives us the comfort of knowing He is not only aware of our situations and how we feel, but He’s aware of when we sit or stand!

Try reading Psalm 139 again. Let it sink deeply into your heart. He knows, He’s aware and intimately cares for you as if YOU were the only person on earth!

He has been through all we have been through, only without sin.

God bless you.




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