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The Lord is There Even If You Don’t Sense Him

I want this blog entry to be an encouragement. There are seasons of trials, heartache, stress, loneliness, grief ,etc., when we simply wonder if the Lord is aware. We go through seasons of not seeming to sense His presence.

However, He is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever’.

Psalm139 gives us the comfort of knowing He is not only aware of our situations and how we feel, but He’s aware of when we sit or stand!

Try reading Psalm 139 again. Let it sink deeply into your heart. He knows, He’s aware and intimately cares for you as if YOU were the only person on earth!

He has been through all we have been through, only without sin.

God bless you.




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As many YouTube channels are experiencing more censorship, we are finding it easier to post more sensitive information on avenues like Patreon. Videos, certain documents and testimonials will be shared with more freedom on Patreon as a platform. Thus far, I’ve shared EVERYTHING I’ve received openly on the YSMN channel, however, there are important things that need to be spoken of and shared and sadly YouTube is beginning to censor even my channel more and more. So, I will continue to post information, interviews, certain documents on the channel, however some information I share will have less censorship if I do so on Patreon.

Thank you for praying for me, my safety, my family’s safety and that the Lord would open hearts! God bless!


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Spiritual Depression and Anxiety

Psalm 43:5

Why so downcast, O my soul?

We have ALL struggled with depression and anxiety at one time or another. Even great men and women of the Bible struggled with it. The prophet Jeremiah was called the ‘weeping prophet’, David lamented his struggles, depression and anxiety to the Lord numerous times. Isaiah tells us we are to ‘pour our hearts out like water in the presence of the Lord ‘.

In one of my upcoming videos, I will be sharing the signs and symptoms of spiritual depression and anxiety and use scripture to show you that if you are suffering from this, you aren’t alone and that the Word of God and the body of Christ can help!

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Stand FIRM!

There will be times when you feel out numbered and outright oppressed when you stand firmly for Jesus, without compromise.

Jesus Himself was persecuted. He was called, ‘demon possessed’, a ‘Samaritan’, ‘crazy’, etc. He knows what it means to stand firm in the face of opposition.

Remember: He said you are blessed when men revile you or persecute you, for great is your reward in Heaven (that Reward being He Himself).

Live your life and testimony for the Lord as if He were coming today. Live to have HIS good opinion, not man’s.

Hopefully this word of encouragement will uplift someone today. In everything you experience, so has Jesus. Stand firm unapologetically and never waiver! We please God, not man.

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Our Life Is a Vapor

Scripture tells us our lives are a vapor, a mist that is here today and gone tomorrow. What are we doing with the time the Lord has given us for Him? Makes me ponder all-the-more how I spend time with loved ones, how I’m using every day for Jesus, how much intimate devotion I’m spending alone with Jesus, one-on-one, etc.


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