Pleasing God or People?

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Seated With Jesus In Heavenly Realms

Ephesians 2:6

I sat today pondering this incredible thought. It’s humbling and difficult to grasp. Jesus paid my debt of horrendous sin against Him and rather than hold it against me, He placed me (us) as an heir together with Him and seated me (us) in heavenly realms with Him. I (we) do not deserve this incredible thing.

The Creator of the universe did this for me (us) and gave us all authority over the power of the enemy in His Name. (Luke 10:19).

Next time you feel insignificant or your heart feels despair or discouraged, remember Ephesians 2:6.

Let it humble you extraordinarily and yet cause you to rejoice that He is treating us so much better than we deserve.

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What Would You Give In Exchange for Your Soul?

Money, possessions, people, status, power, position? Are any of these eternal? Are any of these worth rejecting Jesus for?

According to Jesus Himself, all of these pursuits are temporary and are not worth more than your soul. Ecclesiastes tells us that Solomon denied himself nothing this world had to offer, yet it was a ‘meaningless chasing after the wind’. They do not ultimately satisfy. God may bless you in this life, but those blessings were not given to replace Him.

Only belonging to Jesus and our relationship with Him is eternal.

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