Using God’s Name as a Curse Word

Have you ever noticed that no other ‘false god’s’ name is cursed or abused?

Even satan’s name is not attacked as a swear/curse word in this world.

Scripture tells us that satan is the ruler of this age. He will only attack the Truth, he will never attack that which is already false!

Notice that allah, buddha, or lucifer are never used as a curse/swear word?

Even those that claim to love the Lord misuse the Lord’s name.

If we would not use our parents’ names, childrens’ names, or spouses’ names as a curse/swear word, why would we do so with God’s name?

Jesus is the Truth. No other false god’s name will be thrown around carelessly in this way. Satan only attacks the Truth, not what is already false!!

Food for thought….

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Seated With Jesus In Heavenly Realms

Ephesians 2:6

I sat today pondering this incredible thought. It’s humbling and difficult to grasp. Jesus paid my debt of horrendous sin against Him and rather than hold it against me, He placed me (us) as an heir together with Him and seated me (us) in heavenly realms with Him. I (we) do not deserve this incredible thing.

The Creator of the universe did this for me (us) and gave us all authority over the power of the enemy in His Name. (Luke 10:19).

Next time you feel insignificant or your heart feels despair or discouraged, remember Ephesians 2:6.

Let it humble you extraordinarily and yet cause you to rejoice that He is treating us so much better than we deserve.

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What Would You Give In Exchange for Your Soul?

Money, possessions, people, status, power, position? Are any of these eternal? Are any of these worth rejecting Jesus for?

According to Jesus Himself, all of these pursuits are temporary and are not worth more than your soul. Ecclesiastes tells us that Solomon denied himself nothing this world had to offer, yet it was a ‘meaningless chasing after the wind’. They do not ultimately satisfy. God may bless you in this life, but those blessings were not given to replace Him.

Only belonging to Jesus and our relationship with Him is eternal.

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Identifying False Prophets

How do we identify false teachers and false prophets?

Let’s let the Word of God diagnose this.

  1. Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in SHEEP’S clothing.

2. Luke 6:26 “Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.”

3. 1 John 4:5

“They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world and the world hears them.”

A false teacher or ‘religious’ leader will be praised, loved and accepted by the secular world. Even occult, pagan or atheist groups will welcome him or her with open arms.

They will infiltrate looking like authentic believers, not by looking outwardly evil.

If they are loved by the world and the world receives them, beware.


Standing Firm When You Feel Alone!

Do you ever feel that standing firm in Jesus and what He has revealed to you seems lonely? Have you ever run to share what God has shown you or what you have experienced with Him only to receive ‘confused’ looks from others? Even in the body of Christ, you may feel you’re misunderstood or feel isolated. One thing to remember: a person can only receive what is given him from heaven (John 3:27). Whatever you understand or perceive was given to you by God’s choosing. However, never stop sharing what He has given you, even in the face of criticism or misundersting. Do so with boldness, but with discernment as well. Always plant seeds and leave the rest to the Lord, even if it seems you stand alone or are misunderstood.

We each are matured by Christ at different paces and it takes discernment from the Lord to know HOW to share what He has given. As Paul said, “solid food is for the mature, while some are on milk and elementary things of Christ.”

I went through years of lonely frustration feeling if another member of the body of Christ did not share in the enthusiasm I felt at what Jesus was showing me and the Lord disciplined me to see that not everyone will and that He is the One who opens people’s understanding to receive something. My (our) job is to plant seeds, bear witness anyway in love, and leave the rest to Him. If you or I can open the eyes of understanding in another person’s heart, then WE would receive the glory and not Jesus!

So, next time you feel alone or misunderstood in what Jesus has revealed to you and taught you, don’t argue or pursue quarrels over it, simply plant seeds, keep exposing (Ephesians 5:11) and pray that the Lord would open the eyes of their understanding. That way, He gets all the glory. As you grow in intimacy with Jesus and He takes you deeper and deeper, you will go through times of feeling isolated in it. But that’s ok! Gently plant seeds and enjoy the fellowship of what you’ve been given privately with the Lord. Ponder those things in your own heart with Him and eventually He will bring others of like mind across your path that you can fellowship with in those revelations.

The servant of the Lord must not quarrel to “get” someone to understand something. Patiently plant seeds, wait on the Lord, and keep being a witness anyway!

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Watchman On The Wall: Worth the Cost?

In the scriptures, the Lord speaks of ‘watchmen’ He places within the body of Christ. What exactly is a ‘watchman’ and does it come with a cost/price?

According to the Lord’s word, a watchman is someone who “exposes the deeds of darkness”

(Ephesians 5:11)

A watchman in ancient times was a soldier who stood post on the walls of the city and alerted it’s inhabitants of impending danger. I myself worked for the Department of Defense in physical security and it was my job to make sure no one passed my post with weapons, classified materials, etc. My eyes were keenly observing each individual as they approached my post(s). After a year, I was placed in a supervisory position. I trained others in security procedures and how to handle security breaches, etc. As I held this position, I thought often about ‘watchmen’ on the wall for Jesus! A ‘watchman’ is someone who will passionately watch for wolves with false doctrines trying to creep into the church, they ‘test’ all things, standing in the first line of defense. A watchman is not often in a leadership position or role, rather it is an often lonely position. In ancient times, standing watch on a city wall meant open exposure to danger, as an easy target. If the enemy could kill or take out the watchmen on the city walls, those within the city would be more vulnerable.

If you are called by God to be a watchman, you may notice a Spirit-inspired passion to test every pastor or doctrine with the scriptures alone, you will have a fire to expose false teachers and evil works, you will have a desire to confront wolves in sheep’s clothing, whether openly and personally or indirectly through other means.

The costs:

Some may accuse you of being judgemental.

Sometimes you will stand alone in your convictions.

Sometimes you may be putting yourself at risk for persecution or harm.

Jesus tells you and I to count the cost. As in ancient times, God has those He has placed in His body who function as ‘watchmen’. Most watchman have ONE function: to alert others of impending or confirmed danger. Watchman are not silent or quiet, but vocal. Watchman are rarely the kings, queens, rulers or anyone in power (although some were!) Their function is to keep their eyes on the enemy and warn others. Is this your calling? You’ll know it because Jesus’ Spirit will cause you to have a passion to live out Ephesians 5:11 “exposing the deeds of darkness.” What Jesus whispers in your ear, you will desire to proclaim from the rooftops. Will it come with a cost? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes…, it is the Lord Jesus you are serving!

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Last Days Signs: Jesus is at the Door!

Many, including myself, wonder how much longer it will be before Jesus returns. If your heart has fallen in love with God, you may feel a sense of lonely longing, as king David did. Proverbs tells us a ‘longing deferred makes the heart sick.’ What I’m about to say may sound odd to some, but watching the signs of the times and the events Jesus told us to look for before He comes again actually comfort my heart to the degree that as I’m seeing tangible signs of His return as prophesied in the scriptures, my heart knows He’s at the door.

What are some of those signs as of 2019? Let’s take a look (of course this isn’t an exhaustive list!)

1. Satan appearing as an angel of light working through ministers, deacons and teachers via false doctrine.

2. Freemasonry infiltrating the church uncontested. Watchmen are falling asleep, as Jesus prophesied.

3. The UFO/alien phenomenon. The powers, principalities, thrones and heavenly host telling the world they are aliens. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. Yesterday’s ‘gods’ are today’s so-called aliens. This phenomena will continue to manifest more and more openly, as it was in the days of Enoch and Noah.

3. The great falling away through the Vatican/papal run ecumenical movement.

4. Jesuits infiltrating pulpits, pope Francis being the first Jesuit pope. Jesuits’ agendas are to infiltrate and twist scripture and attack the infallibility of God’s word. Again, a falling away.

5. Calling evil ‘good’ and ‘good ‘ evil. (Homosexuality, abortion, violence, etc.)

6. Lovers of self, prideful, selfish, glory-seeking and feeding into vain ambition.

7. The church losing her 1st love for Jesus. The Lord told the church at Ephesus that even though their work for Him was steadfast, they had lost the sense of their love and personal intimacy with Him.

8. Protestant denominations uniting with the ‘harlot church’ of Rome. Revelation 17 &18

9. Wars and rumors of wars, unusually severe weather (possibly being brought on by HAARP??)

10. Churches having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof.

11. False teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing creeping into the church uncontested by leadership.

12. People boasting of their own self-righteousness, rather than the finished work of the cross of Jesus.

13. Churches denying the Deity of Christ!

14. Ecumenism

15. Transhumanism and RFID movement, satan tempting man with a promise of immortality through AI. Immortality is only possible through Jesus.

16.Humanism and rampant aporheosis teachings.

17. Jerusalem has become a burdensome stone for all nations.

18. Israel became a nation in 1948.

19. People scoffing that Jesus will ever return.

20. The bride will fall asleep and almost completely quit watching for her Bridegroom to return.

As it was in the days of Noah, it is now. The UFO/alien phenomenon that is being softly disclosed to the public now through media outlets, movies, tv programs etc., will become more pronounced in the years ahead. The deception will be so great, Jesus said, the very elect could be deceived, if that were possible. The Vatican/papal system will continue to push for the ecumenical one world religion, churches will be so saturated by Freemasons and Jesuits it will be difficult to find a church to attend that isn’t tainted! Transhumanism and the mark of the beast system’s technology is here, waiting to be implemented.

However, these things should show us how close our great God and Savior is to coming back! (Titus 2:13)

I could go on and on. These are certainly not all that I could mention! This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak!

All of these things are increasing and becoming worse with each passing year. Jesus said, “when you begin to see these things take place, look up. Your Redemption draws near!

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Loneliness for Jesus

Simply put, as we grow closer to Jesus in our daily lives, we will feel, at times, an ache in our hearts that seems to pull at us deeply and at times it is confusing. There may seem to be no external cause for this ache! I myself have gone through periods in my life where a deep longing and almost spiritual depression will come over me. When I sought the Lord about it, He revealed to me that He was causing me to have a longing need for Him. This need felt like a literal loneliness for Him. If you ever feel an unknown ache or spiritual depression, ask Jesus if it is Him creating a literal loneliness in your heart for Him!

He longs for you and a relationship with YOU that only YOU can give Him because we are each unique, no two alike. You are not just a face in the ‘sheep-fold’ to Him, but a unique individual who contributes to His heart!

Could that deep ache or spiritual depression simply be Jesus creating a longing in your heart for more intimate time with Him? I have found that is the case for me!

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